Jobs in Taiwan

Georgie can help

Georgie can help

Regardless how we find your home, we can fix it. We clean it.

Don’t give ants a chance to populate in your home. It is YOUR home and we protect it as you like it.

Georgie comes, Georgie cleans.

And you? Imagine doing this in the meantime:

Is it you relaxing on the sun chair under beach umbrella, drinking a cocktail?

Georgie can you do this? Georgie can you do that?

Yes, Georgie is happy to do for you:

  • cleaning your house
  • washing your clothes
  • washing dishes
  • general housekeeping

How it works:

  • You contact Georgie for a cleaning appointment via Line (click the blue button at the right lower corner.)
  • Georgie will come and clean as you order
  • Georgie gets paid and leaves.

Where does Georgie like to work:

Georgie lives in Tamsui, so she likes to work somewhere easy to reach with MRT, LRT, or bus.

Does it cost me an arm and leg?

Of course not. However, there is a minimum time to order, or at least pay for. Up to 3 hours cost NT$ 1,000; each additional hour cost NT$ 300.

What if I change my mind?

If you cancel the appointment a day ahead, nothing. However, if you change the appointment when Georgie is already on the way or even arrived, then Georgie needs to ask you for her expenses and traveltime.

How to contact Georgie?

Just click on the icon on the right lower corner, connect and chat.

What do I need to prepare?

Cleaning material and tools

Get out of the way, because . . .